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Medicare Articles and Forms

People have been relying on Medicare to stay healthy in an ever changing world. Folks have posed questions about Medicare.
Here we answer those questions.

Can We Get A Cut Price For High Priced Drugs?

President Obama recently had a budget proposal that call for action!
"The administration is deeply concerned with the rapidly growing prices of specialty and brand name drugs,"   Although it is not currently part of the affordable care act many Americans want Medicare to get a better deal with drug compamies especially for the most expensive drugs.

Ok! When Do I Sign Up?

The best times to sign up for Medicare and what does it cost are discussed. If you are already collecting Social Security at 65 then you will already in the program. There are details about Part A and Part B that you should know.
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How Do I Apply For Part B

If you already have Part A then you can apply to Medicare for a Part B plan. If you don't have Part A then contact social security or see the web page Ok! When do I sign up for the information about how to apply.
This article had the details for Part B Insurance.

What is Medicare Part D?

Part D-IRMAA is for drugs and how to get them for free. Well, other than the premium that varies depending on the plan, and the surcharge based on your income level for the Part D plan.

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